Museum of Illusions KL Reopens After 2 Years & It Is Mindblowing! Here’s What You Can Expect



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Museum of Illusions KL Reopens After 2 Years & It Is Mindblowing! Here’s What You Can Expect

By Pineapplesz

The pandemic had caused many businesses to be closed and museums are not an exception. However, Museum of Illusions KL (MOIKL) has reopened its doors and are now welcoming visitors to come to immerse themselves in unimaginable sensory, visual and educational experiences.

For the reopening, the museum had an entirely different layout with more unique exhibits that will surely intrigue you. The goal of MOI is to give visitors a fun, interactive museum experience. Stanley Ng Kar Hoong, the Marketing and Sales Manager of MOIKL said, "The museum has evolved to be a perfect place for team building activities, school excursions and brand launches. So, come over and step into the world of the unimaginable with us."

A playground featuring educational activities and puzzles is included in the museum's design, along with illusionistic environments and optical illusions. Through interesting and enjoyable displays, the exhibits enable visitors to learn useful information about the human brain and vision.

Wanna know what the museum looks like? Here are some of the exhibits that we tried and it is safe to say that our minds were blown away!

1) Head on the Platter

Always wanted somebody's head on a tray? Well, now you can. Experience the illusion of a hidden body. And don't worry - nobody involved will get hurt.

2) AMes Room

It may look like an ordinary room but it is in fact a masterly distorted one making you experience an amazing visual illusion that plays with our perceptual understanding of depth.

3) The Vortex Tunnel

Enter the Vortex tunnel and experience a dizzying adventure of crossing to the other side of the tunnel! This amazing illusion will confuse your brain and make you feel you're losing ground! Vortex tunnel will make walking on a completely stable and flat surface really difficult.

4) Hollow Face Illusion

Try moving to the left or you have the feeling that somebody's watching you? Come a little closer and see for yourself!

5) Infinity Room

Step into the Infinity Room where mirrors at full height are installed all around, creating an optical illusion of an infinite space. Colorful lights above are also a mesmerizing sight to see.

Now you know where to go this weekend. Lets go on a mind-blowing adventure of illusions.

Location: Museum of Illusions KL

Address: Level 1, Ansa Hotel Kuala Lumpur, ( Between Fahrenheit 88 and Lot 10 Mall) 101, Jln Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Reminder: For Muslim visitors, there is no prayer room amenity available in the museum or in the hotel. Thank you!

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