Taylor Swift Has Spoken: It‘s Time to Bring Back Hickeys



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Taylor Swift Has Spoken: It‘s Time to Bring Back Hickeys

By storyteller24

While you were ignoring all of your earthly responsibilities last week in favour of obsessively mining every last line of the masterpiece that is Taylor Swift's Midnights, did you happen to notice that the Mastermind herself came out as an adult hickey-haver?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, kindly turn your attention to the chorus of "Maroon," in which Ms. Swift sings about a certain deep red mark on her collarbone in what is arguably the horniest line in the horniest song on the entire album. Why? Because, ahem, our girl is talking about a hickey.

Sure, there's always room for interpretation when it comes to TS lyrics – that's the whole point. But I know a hickey when I see one (er, hear one?), and the internet's resident Swift Sleuths seem to agree that a hickey it is.

While some lovingly dragged Taylor for what is an arguably overwrought lyrical portrait of a bruise you get from some heated neck sucking, I, for one, could not be more thrilled with this poetic display of adult hickey representation.

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