Budget-Savvy Couple Throws A Rather 'Flushing' Gender Reveal Party



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Budget-Savvy Couple Throws A Rather 'Flushing' Gender Reveal Party

By DN21

For most expectant couples, one of the things to look forward during pregnancy is finding out the gender of your baby. These days, most parents-to-be don't just verbally hint...they throw extravagant gender reveal parties to celebrate! Whether it's balloons, confetti or cakes, you're probably familiar with these as they're typically used in such parties.

As for this couple in the Philippines, those things don't just cut it. Forget the normal route, this couple really said "Oh, flush it" for their gender reveal party. 

Dad-to-be Banong Delos Angeles posted the unique reveal video on his Facebook page, where he was seen showing his family and friends the decorated toilet. Surrounded by streamers and pink and blue balloons, atop the toilet was a note saying "Press to reveal". 

As guests gathered around, Angeles then pressed the flush button which revealed a blue-colored stream, much to the excitement of everyone.  

Watch the video here:

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