Single Mom In Melaka Loses RM125K After Falling For A Fake "Lover" From TikTok Following Promises Of Expensive Gifts



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Single Mom In Melaka Loses RM125K After Falling For A Fake "Lover" From TikTok Following Promises Of Expensive Gifts

By Ayunie

In a distressing incident, a 30-year-old nurse working at a public hospital found herself RM125,000 poorer after falling victim to a love scam that unfolded on the social media platform TikTok. The single mother was lured into this heartbreaking ordeal, as revealed by Alor Gajah OCPD Supt Arshad Abu.

According to Supt Arshad, the victim, seeking love, struck up a connection with a man she met on TikTok. This man, the scammer, began by promising the nurse lavish gifts sent through a courier service and even proposed marriage.  

However, the situation took a dark turn when, on October 8th, the victim received a call from someone claiming to represent the courier service. This caller demanded an array of seemingly unreasonable payments, including stamp and excise duties, as prerequisites for the gift's delivery.

Over the course of a week, from October 8th to October 15th, the victim resorted to taking out personal loans and borrowing money from friends to cover the demanded fees, all in the hope of receiving the promised expensive gift.  

The victim obediently made 12 separate transactions, depositing the required sums into four different bank accounts, provided by the scammer. Sadly, the promised gift never arrived, leaving the victim feeling deceived and heartbroken.

In light of this situation, the nurse decided to report the scam to the authorities. On October 17th, she lodged a formal police report at the Alor Gajah police headquarters.

Supt Arshad informed that the case is currently under investigation and is being dealt with under Section 420 of the Penal Code.

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Source: The Star

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