Non-cliché Self-Care Tips To Do This Weekend That Don’t Involve Going Out



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Non-cliché Self-Care Tips To Do This Weekend That Don’t Involve Going Out


We all want to bring good vibes to our weekend while also practicing social distancing.  

Maybe it‘s a little impossible right now to go to your favorite cafe to unwind, or to that park you always go to clear your mind. But, you can still nurture your inner peace without stepping out of the house. Here’s how: 

2 | Participate In A Full Moon Ritual  

Sounds a little witchy, but in all actuality, it is just a method for you to release everything that no longer serves you. Whether it is a negative emotion, a particular event that you'd like to get over, a person that left a scar in you, or any other things that you should no longer keep.

You can start by cleaning your space, then sit down and write down all the things you want to release on a piece of paper. Picture yourself letting go of all the emotional shackles as you write. Then as a symbolic gesture of letting go, take a candle and burn the paper. 

3 | Get An Online Tarot Reading  

This may be a little unconventional, but still no harm in trying something new. If you simply want clarification on certain personal issues, or a spiritual guide in aspects like love life, career, and whatnot, tarot reading is worth a try.  

If you don't know where to start, here a few questions you could ask your tarot reader:

• What do I need to know about finding a partner?

• Where should I direct my energy at this time?

• In what way am I holding myself back?

• How can I move forward in my career?

• How do I let ______ go?

One thing to remember though is that tarot reading is not the same as fortune-telling so avoid asking questions like, "When am I gonna die?" because come on, no human being can answer that...

Anyway, here's a good tarot readers' platform you could follow on Instagram. 

1 | Start A Gratitude Journal  

Pick up a book, or open the Notes app on your phone, and start listing down ten things you're grateful for today. When you sit down and really think about what you should be grateful for, you'll soon realize how blessed you actually are. We're all guilty of taking things for granted, but taking the first step to unwind and reflect back on your life and all its blessings could do you absolute wonders. It's like chicken soup for the soul.

4 | Don't Neglect Your Feet  

If you've been neglecting your feet, this is a sign you should take extra care of them. It's quite common for people to skip their feet when doing their self-care routine because who's checking them anyway? (unless you have a foot fetish but let's not talk about that). Here's what you can do for your feet this weekend: 

• Indulge in an Epsom salt soak

• Moisturize your feet afterward just like how you'd moisturize your face

• Wear socks to sleep  

If you do these steps regularly, your feet will no doubt be as smooth as butter. 

5 | Unfollow People Or Content Online That You Don't Vibe With  

We all have at least one person we cannot stand online but we just can't bring ourselves to block or unfollow them because maybe they're a high school friend, a family member, or an old colleague. That anxiety you feel whenever you're on social media, always hoping to god you won't see their posts?  

You do not have to live like that. Do yourself a favor and click that unfollow button. Your mental health will thank you. 

I hope these tips will help you in one way or another. Which one will you try this weekend?

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