Love Yourself By Creating Lovely Manicure | 5 Super Nice And Simple Nail Paintings



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Love Yourself By Creating Lovely Manicure | 5 Super Nice And Simple Nail Paintings

By Jada

Nail painting would be beautiful enough with just simple designs! 

Below are the 5 types of nail paintings that you can make by yourself at homes. 

1. Plain Background + Lines

You can easily draw straight lines by just using a pointed brush.  

Besides, you can have a simple yet attractive nail painting by using 3 matching colours to draw unfinished lines.  

Lines are useful enough to draw the heartbeat pattern on our nails. You can take a closer look at the following example.  

2. French Manicure Nails

A classic French manicure has a solid white tip and a clear or pink base.  

Check out the steps of making French manicure nails from the following video. 

3. Minimalistic Nail Design

Put a tape on the bottom or on the edge of the nail and fill in the blank area with the colour you like. 

After the nail polish becomes dry, peel off the tape and carefully fill in the blank area below with another colour (must be matched with the previous colour used).  

4. Colourful Flowers Nail Design

Having little daisy nail painting designs can give you a girly feeling.

5. Tropical Leave Nail Design 

Tropical leave is the other design that is very easy for beginners to start with. 

Cover Photo: Pinterest | Pinterest

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