These K-Drama Opinions May Raise Some Eyebrows But We're #seated | Netizens Talk



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These K-Drama Opinions May Raise Some Eyebrows But We're #seated | Netizens Talk

1 Week ago
By ellephant

There is an ocean of opinion out there when it comes to K-Dramas, and we live for the problematic ones many are afraid to talk about, for fear of being shunned. 

Fortunately, there are a handful who throw caution to the wind, and bring to light the few thoughts we secretly agree with. 

Rallying the top 13, here are some of the more hushed K-Drama opinions among netizens you just have to read! Check them out below. 

#13 Anything > Romcoms

#12 Flower Of Evil was EVERYTHING

#11 The thing about Snowdrop...

#10 Run On is THE BEST romcom

#9 K-Dramas need to learn to write better female characters

#8 You gotta give the second lead a chance

#7 (Nam Ji-hyuk with Lee Sung-kyung) & (Song Joong-ki with Song Hye-ko) STOP

#6 Bring back fun, happy male leads please

#5 Lee Soo-hyuk in a GOOD lead role

#4 Stop the disrespect and MOVE ON

#3 Gender discrimination is disgusting

#2 Slow-burns are in fact real life

#1 Male leads are too one-dimensional


Valid points no? We're glad someone said it. 

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