K-pop Idols Swear By This Perfume Brand & It's Just RM15.90 On Shopee



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K-pop Idols Swear By This Perfume Brand & It's Just RM15.90 On Shopee

By m7py

Don't you wish you could just sniff some of your favourite K-Pop idols? Sure, it might sound a little too much, but you can't help but be curious how your bias actually smells like. If you vibe with BTS's Jungkook and Taehyung, WannaOne's Kang Daniel, or SEVENTEEN's S.Coups, then, get your hands on the W. Dressroom perfume now! 

W.Dressroom is a popular fragrance brand in Korea that has been hyped up for a long time. Founded by designer Choi Bumsuk, the fragrance brand is used a lot by K-pop idols. Also, you could catch a glimpse of the brand in K-dramas such as 'My Love From The Star'. 

The 70ml fragrance is perfect to be used on fabrics (garments, beddings, pillows, curtains, carpet, etc.) and living spaces (bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc.). There is 23 choices of scents, including Pomegranate, Juicy Grapefruit, Green Apple, Fig Leaf, Gentleman Code, Lemon & Lime, Very Berry, Coco.Conut,  April Cotton, and Lovely Rose. 

You can get these perfumes for only RM15.90 (limited time) per bottle. Buy here now. Besides fragrance, get some deodorant diffuser, perfume diffuser, scented candles, and more from W.Dressroom. 

So, hurry now, it's time to smell just like your beloved K-pop idols! 

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