BREAKING: Lee Zii Jia To Quit Badminton Temporarily To Rediscover His Passion For The Sport



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BREAKING: Lee Zii Jia To Quit Badminton Temporarily To Rediscover His Passion For The Sport

By Ayunie

Malaysian badminton player Lee Zii Jia, ranked 11th in the world, experienced another setback in his rollercoaster year at the KAPAL API GROUP Indonesia Open 2023. After suffering a first-round defeat for the second consecutive time, Lee surprised the badminton community by announcing a temporary break from the sport.

Lee, who reached the semifinals at the All England and the Swiss Open, appeared dejected as he was eliminated by Lakshya Sen, who himself has been struggling with a series of lackluster performances due to illness. In a 33-minute match, Lee's body language conveyed his disappointment as he lost 21-17, 21-13 in the second game.

In a somber tone, Lee expressed that he had been contemplating a temporary break until he reignited his passion for the game.

Lee stated, "Lakshya played exceptionally well today. At the moment, I am considering a temporary exit from badminton. I am unsure about the duration of this break, but I will step away from the sport until I regain my motivation. I need to take some time off and rest."

Lee's uncertainty about his future was evident as he mentioned that he is not currently focusing on qualifying for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

"I might stop participating in tournaments. I'm uncertain about the duration. I have been contemplating this decision for quite some time. The pressures on the court have been overwhelming, hindering my ability to concentrate fully. Taking a break would be beneficial for me." he continued, "My primary goal is to rediscover my passion on the court. Although I performed well at the Sudirman Cup, I haven't experienced any significant changes since then."

While the duration of his break remains uncertain, Lee's decision reflects his desire to find motivation and regain his focus. As fans and fellow players await Lee's return, it is hoped that this break will provide him with the necessary rest and clarity to continue his badminton journey with renewed energy and determination.

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Source: BWF

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