Research: Corruption Caused Half A Million High Skilled M'sians To Migrate Abroad For Better Career Opportunities



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Research: Corruption Caused Half A Million High Skilled M'sians To Migrate Abroad For Better Career Opportunities


In the last four decades, Malaysia has approximately suffered a loss of over 500,000 high skilled professionals who have decided to pursue a better life abroad, think tank Emir Research says.

The regrettable brain drain phenomenon, defined by the migration of highly skilled and educated persons from poor, developing, and less industrialized countries to richer, more developed ones; was more prominent in Malaysia alone in 2020 compared to the rest of the world, at a staggering 10% whilst globally it was only at 5%. 

Corruption and weak governance among the contributing factors?

According to the chief research director Datin Margarita Predaryenko, the brain drain phenomenon in Malaysia is mainly fueled by several factors, including weak governance, poor policy planning, and corruption.

Social injustices linked to ethnicity had driven M'sians to move abroad

Many highly skilled Malaysian workforces were gravely demotivated by unfair policies and social injustices linked to ethnicity instead of going on merits, limited job market, stress, and lack of job satisfaction, as reported by Sinar Daily. 

Wages offered abroad are better than what is offered locally 

In comparison, Malaysian professionals who choose to work in Canada, for example, are capable of earning up to USD38,000 or RM166,000 while Malaysian graduates could only earn, at most, USD7,000 or RM30,000 a year.  

What do you think of this brain drain phenomenon in Malaysia? Would you ever move abroad to better your career if given the opportunity? Let's discuss this in the comment section! 

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