Simu Liu Goes Hairless & "Stressed" Over Being Featured Alongside Ryan Gosling In The New Barbie Film



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Simu Liu Goes Hairless & "Stressed" Over Being Featured Alongside Ryan Gosling In The New Barbie Film


Hollywood actors have been known to go through extreme measures and lengths for their roles, and Simu Liu Had just confessed to doing the same for his new, upcoming film with Ryan Gosling (who, btw, had to transform himself into Ken.)  

The whole ordeal was, according to him, "one of the most painful experiences in my life", he added, "I have such a newfound admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this on a monthly basis."


Nobody LIKES going to the gym.

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On top of that, he depicted the physically challenging ordeal of having to be in a movie with Ryan Gosling, in his hilarious yet very relatable TikTok video titled, "Nobody LIKES going to the gym." We totally hear you, Simu!

The new upcoming Live action Barbie film, will also feature other big names in Hollywood such as Margot Robbie, Will Ferrel, America Ferrera, and many more. Although major details regarding the film are yet to be released, speculations have suggested that Simu Liu will most likely play one of the Ken dolls. 

Ken or no Ken, having to wax your entire body for a movie role as well as forcing yourself to gain hella muscles all for a movie just shows extreme dedication. All respects to Simu Liu!

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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