Man In Sabah Horrified After Finding Used Band-Aids In His Rice Noodles, Restaurant Manager Says "It's Not That Serious!"



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Man In Sabah Horrified After Finding Used Band-Aids In His Rice Noodles, Restaurant Manager Says "It's Not That Serious!"

2 Weeks ago
By Ayunie

A recent dining experience turned into a stomach-churning ordeal for a man on Facebook, Shawn Cgy, who took his parents-in-law out for lunch at a local restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

What was meant to be a pleasant meal ended with disgust and concern after a piece of tape, thinner than the barbecued pork they ordered, was discovered in their food.

Shawn Cgy recounted the incident on his Facebook account, warning others to be vigilant when dining out. According to his post, he ordered boiled rice noodles and barbecued pork for his parents-in-law. However, as his father-in-law was eating his meal, he unwittingly picked up a piece of band-aid in his soup.

The revelation shocked everyone at the table, prompting them to call the attention of the restaurant's management. Instead of an immediate apology, they were directed to investigate the matter themselves. It was later revealed that an employee's tape had inadvertently fallen into the dish during food preparation.

Despite concerns about the potential health risks associated with consuming tape contaminated with bacteria, the restaurant owner's response was dismissive. Refusing to acknowledge the severity of the situation, she casually remarked that it wasn't a significant issue and that she couldn't possibly be monitoring her workers and managing the restaurant at the same time.

Following the disturbing encounter, Shawn Cgy took to social media, tagging the Sabah Health Department in his post. Netizens expressed outrage over the incident, condemning the restaurant owner's lackadaisical attitude towards hygiene and safety protocols. Many urged Shawn Cgy to file a formal complaint with the health department to address the matter appropriately.

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Source: Sin Chew Daily

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