"Ban Me If You Can!" E-Hailing Passenger Refuses To Pay For Compensation After Having Sex And Leaving Sticky Mess In Driver's Car



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"Ban Me If You Can!" E-Hailing Passenger Refuses To Pay For Compensation After Having Sex And Leaving Sticky Mess In Driver's Car

By Ayunie

A local e-hailing driver, Arshad Mohammad, encountered a distressing situation when a customer engaged in inappropriate behavior in his car, leaving it in a messy state and refusing to pay for cleaning fees. The incident unfolded when Arshad discovered his backseat soaked after dropping off the customer, who had engaged in sexual activity during the ride.

Arshad, shocked by the discovery, promptly reached out to the customer, requesting compensation for the cleaning fee as he could no longer pick up new passengers due to the condition of his vehicle. However, instead of acknowledging the inconvenience caused, the customer responded rudely, dismissing Arshad's request for a modest RM30 cleaning fee.






"I've already paid for my ride; why should I pay again for cleaning fees?" the customer retorted callously. When Arshad appealed, explaining his need to support his family, the customer callously replied, "That's none of my business."

The encounter left Arshad frustrated and financially burdened, prompting him to share his ordeal on social media. Enraged netizens swiftly came to his support, expressing outrage at the customer's behavior and urging Arshad to file a police report.

However, some netizens are skeptical, suggesting that this might simply be a marketing ploy to boost his e-hailing service.

What are your thoughts? Is this a genuine incident or merely a marketing strategy? Share your opinions below.

Source: Facebook

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