Tips to feel GOOD/WOKE during lockdown



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Tips to feel GOOD/WOKE during lockdown

By Roundtheworld

Now that whole of Malaysia (except Sarawak- excluding Sibu) is put into lockdown, socialising or hanging out isn't what it used to be. With the new norm in place, there's restrictions and guidelines to adhere to (for the better good!). One of them is none other than stay home to help curb the virus. Here are some tips to feel GOOD in the comforts of your home.


Be it upbeat songs, EDM, jazz, blues - whatever that speaks to you, play them. Music has always been a form of  stress relief as it is used in therapy or rehabilitation. Study conducted by Durham University shows that even sad music brings pleasure to some listeners. What're you waiting for, cue that track! 


Art is subjective, creativity knows no boundaries. It is a form of expression. Don't know how to draw, to paint? Problem solved - start small by purchasing paint by numbers or be bolder by following art tutorials on streaming platforms such as Youtube. You never know, you might be the next Picasso in the making.      


It has been proven that chocolates are mood boosters especially dark chocolate. It helps to release peptides of the brain and gut, in other words it is a source of comfort food. Not only is it a comfort food, it helps to improve your memory span and concentration. Feeling tired? Grab a bar and eat on.    


This it the time to reconnect or connect. Call your family, friend. You don't need a reason to call or text. It can simply be reaching out to ask 'How's your day'. For those who are working afar and could not return home, time to call your family and tell them you miss them. 

5. YOU

At the end of the day, your being is what matters the most. Why not take this time to reflect and acknowledge yourself for getting through another day. However small the tasks that you have done, compliment yourself for accomplishing them. As Anna Shay (from Bling Empire of course) would say "You only have one life, this isn't a dress rehearsal". Hence, be kind to yourself!  

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