Sultan of Selangor Calls For Bon Odori Festival To Proceed Despite Religious Affairs' Minister Remarks



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Sultan of Selangor Calls For Bon Odori Festival To Proceed Despite Religious Affairs' Minister Remarks


The Bon Odori festival, a popular tradition in Japan during the summer, has been held in Malaysia with the sole purpose of uniting and strengthening the cultural ties between Malaysia and Japan. The festival typically showcases Japanese traditions, cultures, cuisines, and more.

Bon Odori, or Bon Dance when translated, is typically performed during Obon, an annual event in Japan where the spirits of ancestors and the deceased are rightfully honored. 

This year's festival, held at the Shah Alam Sports Complex in Selangor, marks the 46th Odori in Malaysia, a shared tradition that has been kept alive since 1977.  

Recently, the Bon Odori festival, scheduled to be held on July 16th, has been surrounded with quite the controversy when the Religious Affairs minister Idris Ahmad aired out a stern announcement forbidding Muslims to attend as the event was deemed to be "influenced by elements of other religions."  

In response to the remark, the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has decreed that the Bon Odori Festival be allowed to proceed. As announced by the director of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department, Datuk Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad:

"His Highness attended the event several years ago and did not find any elements that could erode Muslim beliefs, as it is just a social event involving Japanese businesses and their employees in Selangor."  

"His Highness is of the view that many cultures have links with religion, but not necessarily is religion part of a culture. His Highness also stressed that the act of worship is different from the act of observation."

As reported by the Malay Mail, the Sultan also welcomed the JAIS and MBSA officers to attend the event in order to immerse in the cultural experience themselves. 

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