Here Are 19 Uncomfortable Truths About Life You Have To Learn The Hard Way



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Here Are 19 Uncomfortable Truths About Life You Have To Learn The Hard Way

By ellephant

If there is one thing about life, it is the fact that she's always ready to teach you something new. 

There are some things about life that we don't have a choice but to learn the hard way. 

It ain't great, but that's just life. 

Check out the 19 we came across down below.  

1. The most difficult thing one can do is focus on their dreams, the easiest is to complain about it. 

2. Your job doesn't care about you, you're only paid for as long as they need you. 

3. There are things better than a college degree; skills and financial education for instance. 

4. Let people win arguments, you win peace. 

5. Stop waiting for the right time, you're wasting time. 

6. You know what's financial suicide? Having just one stream of income.  

7. Forgive your parents and stop blaming them, you'll be happier. 

8. No matter how much you trust people, always make choices so you're never on the losing end. 

9. To realize value in life, let go of those who do not help you grow. 

10. When you reach 30, you reach 30. 

11. Action and discipline works better than self-help books. 

12. No one saves you, you got to save yourself.  

13. Don't listen to the world, they don't know you like you know you. 

14. Don't expect honesty from those who can't even be honest with themselves. 

15. Take nothing personally and your mental health will thank you for it. 

16. Maturity is when you take responsibility and not blame anyone for anything.

17. The worst way to spend life is to live in the past. 

18. Don't marry wrong, but if you do, don't be afraid to walk away. 

19. Admit when you're unsure or wrong, that's how you stay ahead.

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