This M’sian Looks Exactly Like Girls Generation’s YoonA, It’s Insane!



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This M’sian Looks Exactly Like Girls Generation’s YoonA, It’s Insane!

By ellephant

On more than one occassions, we have seen dopplegangers. People who look exactly like other people on top of all the world’s apart differences with regards to location, status, culture and more.

Throwing it back, about 14 years ago when a Malaysian woman was spotted to look exactly like YoonA in the early 2010s!  

Her uncanny appearance to the K-Pop singer made her photos circulate online, as Rabiatul Afifah went viral. 

Known then as Malaysia’s YoonA, she participated in interviews and even made it to news outlets back in Korea. 

Besides her, there have been more than one person who has been said to bear uncanny resemblance to YoonA, namely, Jaemin from NCT and Min-ho from SHINee!  

Fascinating stuff, no?

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