Feeling Lost In Your Job Search? Find The Job You Love From The Animal You Like



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Feeling Lost In Your Job Search? Find The Job You Love From The Animal You Like

By Jada

It is difficult to decide the job search direction, no matter you are a newcomer or a senior in the workplace. If you want to change jobs or want to find a new job after losing your job, maybe the following quiz could help you. 

Choose a pet that you intuitively like best from the following 4 options.

(A) Alpaca

(B) Lizard

(C) Seal

(D) Lion



(A) Alpaca

Alpacas are herbivores that have a very docile personality. if you choose alpaca, you are actually very concerned about your own image. Therefore, choosing a stable and well-known working environment will allow you to develop steadily in your work. The jobs that are more suitable for you are less professionally competitive art or technical jobs. 

(B) Lizard

Lizards are the only cold-blooded animals among the four choices. If you choose this option, it shows that you have a calm and sensible personality. In addition, you pursue perfection. You are suitable to work in a working environment with a clear reward system and well-managed management. It is most suitable to choose industries with good future trends, especially those related to digital or financial management.

(C) Seal

Seals are very curious and they like to interact with humans. If you choose this option, you are suitable to work in the technical and service fields (eg. education, human resources administration or planning and design). Your observation and analysis skills can help you perform well in those industries. Of course, you can also choose a job according to your hobbies, the most important thing is that you feel happy and comfortable.

(D) Lion

This option symbolizes authority, strength and bravery.  If you choose this option, you actually like a challenging and competitive work environment. You are suitable to work in market development or public relations fields. In addition, it is also very suitable for you to start your own business!

Did this quiz give you any inspiration about which job search direction you want to go in? It's time to get ready and get ready to move into a new industry!

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