Jeans Too Snug? These Easy At-Home Hacks Will Get Them Loosen Up In No Time:



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Jeans Too Snug? These Easy At-Home Hacks Will Get Them Loosen Up In No Time:

By DN21

Do you ever wonder how your favourite jeans can just suddenly shrink (even the slightest bit) post-drying sesh? Yes, it's normal that they tend to do that, but not up to the point of hugging your waistline too tight.

Nobody likes wearing jeans without having the space to breathe. And no, don't throw out those jeans just yet because it's possible to stretch them back to your normal fitting size- without having to expand the waistband, obvi!  
There are two simple hacks you can try at home-

Wet and Wear

- In a basin, soak your jeans in lukewarm water. And by soak, I mean 100% until they're drenched!

- Once soaked, wear them while they're full on WET (trust me). Then, start moving around in them to loosen the elasticity. 

- While it's BEST to let them fully dry on you, it's alright to opt for air drying as well.

Spray and Stretch

- Spray or dampen parts of the jeans with lukewarm water, onto any areas where you prefer the fabric to stretch out the most. 

- Then, begin stretching by grabbing and pulling each end.

- Repeat the step above until you achieve the best outcome.

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