One Foundation, Multiple Skincare Benefits. We Tried Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation And Here's The Verdict!



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One Foundation, Multiple Skincare Benefits. We Tried Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation And Here's The Verdict!

By MJC97

As we all know, having a good base is the key to having a flawless makeup look. But, many of us struggle with building a good base since we all have different skin types, so there are so many different things that may work for others but not necessarily for you. 

So, when we heard that there is a foundation out there that is actually skincare infused, we knew that we NEEDED to try it! 

The Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation is a bestseller that is known for not only giving you a good base for your makeup but keeping your skin healthy throughout the process as well. Its Innovative Litestay technology and Immortelle C-lock essence, help boost skin elasticity and deliver 24 hours of full coverage.

So we tried using the Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation and here's how we felt about it:

+ Shades

The Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation comes in 4 different shades for different skin tones. So if you are looking for the right shade of the Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation, here's the shade that will suit your skin colour:

· W703 Warm Ivory: For light-yellow undertones

· C304 Pink Nude: For light to medium-pink undertones

· W805 Yellow Beige: For medium-yellow, neutral undertones

· W709 Sand Beige: For deep-pink, yellow, neutral undertones

+ Ingredients 

The Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation is developed with Immortelle C-Lock Essence which is a Collagen Lock formula. I believe that many of you have heard of Immortelle Flower, which a premium skincare brand uses in their best-selling serum. Noutriwear+ is using the same ingredient in their liquid foundation, isn't that amazing! The Immortelle flower extract is known for its anti-ageing properties and it also stimulates collagen production. That's not all, the product also contains Cica which works to soothe skin and reduce inflammation. 

It is not just a liquid foundation, it also doubles as a skincare product as it delivers hydration, calming, soothing and plumping properties. This is totally an added bonus girlssss!

Some of us don't really use liquid foundation as we have dry/sensitive skin and our skin tends to get dryer after using foundation. But after using the Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation for a few days, we noticed that our skin did not dry out despite wearing makeup every day. It even helped our skin to stay hydrated and it also helped soothe and calm inflamed skin.


Besides that, it is also enriched with sunscreen ingredients, SPF25 & PA+++ that protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays. So, if you're gonna be in indoors all day, you will not need to wear sunscreen.

+ Texture

Unlike other foundations, when you put on the Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation, you'll notice the texture is creamier and more concentrated, so one pump is sufficient to apply to the whole face and it also does a good job covering up blemishes and pores, at the same time it doesn't make your makeup look heavy and cakey, and it is also super lightweight that makes it feel like your second skin.

+ Coverage

Full or light coverage? It's up to you! Cover up according to the occasion. If it's for a casual outing and you want to look sweet and comfortable, put on a light layer and match it with a simple makeup. If it's for work or formal dinners, you may want to go for a fuller coverage.


What we love most about this liquid foundation is the Skin-diffusing Powder that has an auto-correcting function that reflects lights away and optically fades fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, giving you a baby soft, smoother looking skin. 

It also has soft-light diffusing powder.

+ Final Makeup Look

Overall, the final makeup look was amazing! It gave our skin a velvety-matte finish that lasts throughout the day! We wore it to work in the morning and went to our colleague's birthday party in the evening. To our surprise, our makeup still looked perfect and fresh, we just needed to use the Noutriwear+ Compact Powder to touch-up a little and we were ready to go! Our makeup didn't look cakey nor cracked, thanks to its skincare ingredients that hydrates the skin. There are a few ways to style your makeup with the Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation, here are a couple of makeup tips for you girlsss!


Blend a few drops of serum in the foundation for a dewy finish. If your skin is super dry, add a few drops of facial oil into the foundation, blend and apply. If you prefer a subtle-looking glow, mix a tiny bit of a liquid highlighter with the Noutriwear+ Liquid foundation. Apply it with a makeup blender or brush, this will give you a radiant and glowy complexion, perfect for date nights and parties!

+ Final Touch

Complete your makeup look with a few sprays of the Noutriwear+ Makeup Stay Lock Mist that effectively helps lock in makeup for up to 12 hours! The ultra mist pump feature produces a smoke-like fine mist that is delicate and dense and dries quickly on the skin without affecting your makeup look. It also contains Immortellec-lock essence and sodium hyaluronate which deeply hydrates and nourishes skin while the centella asiatica calms and soothes the skin.

+ Price 

So was it worth its price? Well, a foundation with skincare infusion that does wonders to your skin, gives you a perfect base and keeps skin healthy for 1 price is an ABSOLUTE STEAL! Totally worth every penny!

Final Verdict: TOTALLY WORTH IT!

For those who are looking for a way to keep their skin healthy and hydrated while also having a good base for their makeup, Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation is definitely the best foundation product for you. After trying out this foundation, I personally think that it's totally worth it. I'm not really a fan of liquid foundation as it dries out my skin and my makeup tends to get all cakey. But after using this foundation, I've not experienced any of the issues anymore and this is my go-to foundation now! The thing that I love most about this product is the long-lastingness and its Soft-Light Diffusing function that reflects soft light to optically fade pores, wrinkles and uneven skin.

So, get yourself your own Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation to ensure that your makeup always looks flawless and your skin is also well-cared for! You can buy Y.O.U Noutriwear+ Liquid Foundation or any of their other products online on Shopee or Lazada.

For more information about Y.O.U Noutriwear+, click on the following links: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikTok

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