With A 90% On Rotten Tomatoes, Here’s 4 Reasons Why ‘Sleep’ Is A Must-Watch



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With A 90% On Rotten Tomatoes, Here’s 4 Reasons Why ‘Sleep’ Is A Must-Watch

By ellephant

The latest must-watch movie is here, and we’re convincing you why you should be #seated.

Sleep is a mystery & thriller horror-comedy Korean movie that tells the story of a happy newlywed couple whose domestic bliss comes apart at the seams, when the husband develops a mysterious sleepwalking problem. 

Of recent release (6 Sept), the movie has since gotten a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and been #1 on the Korean Box Office for a total of 12 days now.

Based on some pretty great reviews, here are 4 reasons why you should tune in.

1. It’s simple and it works


The mechanics of the story doesn’t try and reinvent things to epic proportions. In fact, it is a solid storyline, that uses great effects to leave a lasting impact on watchers.

2. It conjures up adrenaline-driven emotions


You’re laughing, you’re scared, you’re anxious, you’re hooked. Best part of it all, you’re far from bored. 

3. It has smart twists and turns


Executed excellently, the more you watch, the more you understand the witty and clever scripting.

4. It isn’t horror #MOTY but it’s worth your time


Sleep takes risks, and is daring. From direction, sound effects, talented acting, it falls under an entertaining watch.

Such an easy recommendation besties, don’t forget to tune in!

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