Lazy Girlies Here Are THE Positions To Have Amazing Seggs While Doing Nothing At All



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Lazy Girlies Here Are THE Positions To Have Amazing Seggs While Doing Nothing At All

By ellephant

Sex is fun, but sex can also be very tiring, like a whole workout. So, for those of you girls who dislike sex because of the amount of energy and effort it takes, we have found you a loophole. 

These are all the positions you can try out in the bedroom with your partner, while doing minimal movement. It's basically your sex guide for the lazy girlies. 

Check them out down below. 

1. Criss-crossing your legs  

Instead of having your legs at the sides of his ears, a V, you'll cross them. This will:
- Keep things toit

- He has more control

- You don't have to do anything but enjoy it

2. An improvised leg split  

You'll lie on your back and have one leg up, one leg down. Instead of your partner coming at you straight, hip to hip, he'll be a bit on his side, more diagonal. Like scissoring. This will help things go 'deep'.

3. The speed bump  

Lie on your belly and he is going to be on top of you. Your butt acts as a speed bump, and this is sort of end game. 

So, there you go. Those are the three positions to try out for those of you girls who don't like to do much in the bedroom!

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