UMNO President's Daughter Mocks Period Poverty In Malaysia | Faces Backlash



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UMNO President's Daughter Mocks Period Poverty In Malaysia | Faces Backlash

By m7py

The daughter of Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad is in hot water again! This time for her insensitive remarks over period poverty in Malaysia.

Last Saturday (Oct 30), Datuk Nurul Hidayah dismissed claims that women who cannot afford sanitary pads resort to getting pregnant to avoid menstruating via an Instagram post. 

Check out the tone deaf caption here! 

The post comes in response to a Sinar Harian interview given by Pejuanita Muda chief Dr Nurul Ashikin, who urged that all women in the B40 community should be given free sanitary pads to curb the issue. 

Not to mention the many laughing emojis in the caption. You bet it triggered a lot of angry comments by netizens.

They criticized her lack of empathy when it comes to period poverty. 

Nurul, in turn, defended herself saying that the issue does not exist in Malaysia. Apparently, she found the Sinar Harian headline hilarious! 

Quoting her, "I am alert about [period poverty]. But not in Malaysia. And it's not like pad prices are sky-high either. I do research on pads, and I've launched a menstrual pad brand so I know."

She claimed that the period poverty is incomparable to India, as there are zakat centres and NGOs to help here. She went on to advocate for B40 women to be taught menstrual hygiene and family planning instead of distributing free pads to them.

In response to Nurul Hidayah's rant, Pejuanita Muda chief, Nurul Ashikin tweeted the thread below. 

Well, who's side are you on in this matter?

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