You Can Now Come Home To The Perfect Water Heater System After A Long Day



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You Can Now Come Home To The Perfect Water Heater System After A Long Day


You know that feeling when you get home that all you want to do is take a wonderful hot shower, change, and then go to bed? Because that's exactly what it's like. What transpires, though, when the heater fails to deliver the ideal warmth and your showering experience is completely ruined? All you want to do is return to a really wonderful bathroom with all the necessary amenities so you can soak away all your weariness.

So what is really considered when you're getting the ideal water heater system for your bathroom? 

Minimalistic Design

Modern bathrooms benefit greatly from the sleek and clean appearance that minimalism in home décor conveys.

The classic, straightforward, and high-quality asymmetrical designs of the U Series fit into any bathroom with ease. It adds a sense of refinement to your bathroom while radiating a cool, collected, and cozy tactile vibe for a pleasing visual impact.

No matter the interior design, any of these water heaters will unquestionably fit in your bathrooms without a doubt.

Safety Features

You don't have to worry about anything as Panasonic's safety features highlight its water-splashproof case cover for ultimate protection. 

Water Resistant & Splash Proof

In order to prevent fire and electric shock, the front plate and back plate joint is water-resistant. The splash-proof shower panel protects the internal components and is compliant with IEC60529 (IP2X). 

Prevents Overheating & Fire

Do you know how sometimes we could test the boundaries of how hot our heater can get without realizing if it is overheating or not? To prevent overheating or, worse, fire, the U Series comes with a highly-durable copper heater unit made of self-extinguishing, non-combustible copper.

One Push to Switch On/Off

Panasonic has upped its shower game by including a simple One Push on/off button instead of the old-school knob-turning adjustments on the heater.

Protects against Electric Shock

For the unfamiliar, you should know that the insulated structure, which complies with IEC 60529 (IP2X), will certainly shield you from risks like experiencing an electric shock by providing an enclosure that prevents access to hazardous areas with a finger or other foreign objects.

Safety Protection against Current Leakage

The U Series provides total protection from electric shock as we know it. So when there is a current leak, the Built-in Earth Leakage Breaker (ELB) instantly turns off the power supply, providing double safety by disconnecting both the neutral and live lines.

Detects Water Pressure to Prevent Overheating 

That feeling when you're enjoying a nice, warm shower and out of the blew you'd experience overheating incidents or even an uncomfortable rise in water temperature which just ruins your whole mood. Well, the solution comes when the Water Flow Sensor in the U Series Water Heaters would immediately shuts off the power supply when the water flow is too little or nonexistent. 

Built to Prevent Fire

Nobody wants to have a shower and suddenly finds the shower catching fire. To avoid any fire accidents, the external casing is built with UL-94-V0 classification material, which is non-flammable and self-extinguishing.

Cuts Off Power Supply during Component Failure

Have you ever experienced your heater continuously heating when showering? Well, this happens when there's a case of a component failure that results in continued heating under unexpected circumstances but the U Series has a Manual Reset Thermostat that will help shut off the power supply to prevent fire.

Prevents against First-Degree Burn

In order to minimize first-degree burns, it also has an Auto Thermal-Cut Out technology that shuts off the power when the water temperature goes beyond the hazard limit of 55 degrees.

To summarise its safety features, the Panasonic U Series includes 9 features that help in the avoidance of electric shocks, fire and burn. 

Comfortable Shower Experience

Do you know that feeling when you're enjoying your hot shower and all of a sudden the temperature changes? It's troublesome, isn't it? 

Say goodbye to unexpected discomfort with the Panasonic U Series, which has 3 U Mode comfortable temperatures: warm-up, cool down, and hot & cool, allowing you to easily adjust to the water's or the environment's temperature. You may alter the time and temperature to suit your preferences.

On the other hand, U-Memory allows you to pre-set your preferred customized shower settings for each member of your household. With only a press of a button, you can quickly switch between settings for your desired water temperature and texture.

Low Noise Operation

There are instances when you do stay up late and want to take a shower, but your heater makes such a loud noise that it ends up waking the other members of the house. Fear not; the U Series includes a low-noise DC pump that enables you to enjoy both a strong water flow and a quiet operation. 

The Right Shower Head

The right spa-like shower textures are to die for. With one hand, just move the lever left and right to change the shower's texture. A pleasant shower effect is produced by the upgraded showerhead design. 3 distinct water textures are included: standard, broad, and spot for a home spa shower.

Re-envision the shower experience with Panasonics U Series Water Heaters' safe, comfort, and design features to make shower time worry-free so that you can enjoy better moments. 

The shower, in the opinion of Panasonic, is a vital part of keeping us clean and healthy. They have not only improved shower functionality but have also boosted comfort, design, and safety, which made taking a shower more enjoyable. A more opulent and satisfying showering experience is the ultimate result.

You can now choose which water heater system from Panasonics U Series you'd like.

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