M'sian Woman Declines Job Interview To Prioritize Vet Visit For Her Cat, Sparks Online Debate



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M'sian Woman Declines Job Interview To Prioritize Vet Visit For Her Cat, Sparks Online Debate

By Ayunie

In a recent x.com post, user Farid Affy shared a WhatsApp conversation between Jameela, a hiring manager, and Rohani, a prospective interviewee. The conversation revolved around a job interview scheduled for the next day at 2:30 PM. However, Rohani declined the offer, citing the need to take her cat for a veterinary visit.

This sharing sparked a lively debate among netizens, who expressed varying opinions on who was in the right. On one side, some believed that Jameela, the HR manager, had a valid point. They argued that Rohani's swift rejection of the interview request left a negative impression and that mentioning personal issues like a cat's vet visit was unprofessional.


Conversely, many netizens sided with Rohani, asserting that her decision to prioritize her cat was justified. They pointed out that the last-minute interview invite, sent at 5 PM for the next day, put Rohani in a tough spot. Some criticized Jameela for making Rohani choose between the job and her pet, suggesting that it demonstrated a lack of consideration on the recruiter's part. 

This incident highlights the delicate balance between professional commitments and personal priorities in the hiring process, fueling a broader conversation about workplace etiquette and HR practices.

What's your stand on this? Comment below. 

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