What's Low/High Visual? Find Out If You're A High Visual Girlie Or A Low Visual Girlie Here!



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What's Low/High Visual? Find Out If You're A High Visual Girlie Or A Low Visual Girlie Here!

By ellephant

The latest trend on TikTok is finding out what kinda features you have best to decide if you're a low visual person or a high visual person. 

The trick is that once you find out, you'll better understand the clothes, the makeup and the hairstyles which will suit you best. 

So, without further ado, see which category do you fall under by asking yourself these questions!

1. Do you have a small face with big features or a big face with small features?

The former is high and the latter is low.

2. How well does the bold glamour filter on TikTok suit your face?

If it suits you well, you have a high visual weight and if it's slightly off, then you have a low visual weight


3. What are your cheekbones like?

If they sit up on your face, you're a high, and if they're lower on your face, then you're a low. 

4. Do you have a feature about you that stands out?

If you have a feature that stands out, then you're a high visual person, but if all your features sort of gels together, then you're a low visual person. 

Higher visual weight people have stronger features and a stronger bone structure, whereas lower visual weight people have more subtle features that is soft and calm. 

So, which one are you?


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