"I've Been Misinterpreted!" Kapar MP Clarifies Her Autisme Claims On Menu Rahmah Issue



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"I've Been Misinterpreted!" Kapar MP Clarifies Her Autisme Claims On Menu Rahmah Issue

By Ayunie

Dr. Halimah Ali garnered criticism from the public yesterday for remarks she allegedly made during a parliamentary debate, in which she allegedly said that eating Menu Rahmah meals could result in a number of illnesses and health concerns, including autoimmunne diseases, autisme and cancer because of the usage of subpar ingredients.

Malaysians are outraged by her speech and have called on her to conduct thorough study before future public remarks in order to avoid spreading false information and stigmatising any groups she may refer to.

You can watch her speech below:

Reacting to the backlash, Dr. Halimah Ali claimed that her comments on the government's Menu Rahmah programme causing "cancer, autoimmune illnesses, and autism, among other things" had been misinterpreted.

As reported by Malay Mail, she had intended to convey the argument that restaurants' use of low-grade raw ingredients for Menu Rahmah might compromise its quality.

The bigger issue is you are feeding the hungry, but also please make sure that the food provided is nutritious and not detrimental to ones health, she argued.

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