WATCH: Shirtless Durian Seller With A Buff Figure From Terengganu Goes Viral



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WATCH: Shirtless Durian Seller With A Buff Figure From Terengganu Goes Viral

By Ayunie

In the world of marketing, creativity knows no bounds. A durian seller from Terengganu has recently gained widespread attention on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, for his unique marketing strategy that involves showcasing his muscular physique while selling durians. The videos, intended to be light-hearted and entertaining, unexpectedly went viral, triggering a wave of comments expressing humorous cravings for the popular tropical fruit. However, the seller, Ery Syarif, maintains that his intention was not to exploit his body but to bring joy to his customers. This incident has sparked debates among netizens, with differing opinions on the appropriateness of his marketing tactics.

The Durian Seller's Unconventional Approach:

Ery Syarif, a durian seller hailing from Terengganu, embraced a rather unconventional marketing style by posing half-naked during his durian sales. In his TikTok videos, he humorously displays his well-toned physique while passionately promoting the durians he sells. The unexpected combination of showcasing his muscles and advertising the beloved tropical fruit caught the attention of netizens, leading to his videos quickly gaining traction on various social media platforms.


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Viral Sensation and Humorous Reactions:

As Ery Syarif's videos spread like wildfire, netizens responded with a mix of amusement and sudden cravings for durians. Many viewers found the unique marketing strategy amusing, with comments jokingly expressing their newfound desire to indulge in the fruit. The viral sensation generated a significant amount of engagement and boosted the visibility of Ery Syarif's durian business.

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Mixed Reactions and Debates:

While the majority enjoyed the lighthearted nature of Ery Syarif's videos, some expressed their disagreement with his marketing tactics. Critics argued that his approach lacked modesty and could be seen as objectifying himself for commercial gain. They suggested that a more conventional and modest marketing strategy would be more appropriate and respectful.


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Ery Syarif's Clarification:

In response to the unexpected attention and ensuing debates, Ery Syarif clarified his intentions. He emphasized that his primary aim was not to use his body as a marketing tactic but to bring joy and entertainment to his customers. He asserted that he did not expect his videos to go viral and that his unique approach was meant to be light-hearted and fun. 


 While some enjoyed the humor and spontaneity of his marketing approach, others expressed concerns about its appropriateness and urged him to adopt a more modest style. EThe incident has sparked debates regarding the boundaries of marketing and highlights the importance of balancing creativity with sensitivity and respect. 

What are your personal thoughts on this? Leave a comment below. 

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