3 Recommended Yoga Wear Brands | Tips To Choose Yoga Clothes



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3 Recommended Yoga Wear Brands | Tips To Choose Yoga Clothes

By Jada

Many girls choose to do yoga to reduce fat accumulation and maintain a perfect body. 

This time I would like to share 3 brands of yoga clothes and guide you on how to choose suitable yoga clothes!

1. Breathable & Elastic

If the clothes are too tight, it will cause general discomfort because you are sweating profusely when doing yoga. 

Hence, so it is important to choose highly breathable and elastic materials. Generally, yoga clothes are made of polyester fibre and elastic fibre. 

In addition to comfort and sweat absorption, it is recommended to choose a yoga suit, which will not affect movements!

2. Low Light Transmittance

Many girls are afraid of heat and choose thinner yoga clothes. 

However, if the material of the yoga clothes is too thin, you may face embarrassment when light transmission appears. 

Therefore, it is recommended to test the light penetration of the fabric. If you see a clear skin tone, it means it's inappropriate.

3. Check That There Is Small Triangle Cloth At The Pants 

Many girls wear shorts outside the yoga pants, but shorts often affect the stretching of the lower body. 

It is not recommended to add a pair of shorts unless the shorts are very elastic or loose. 

When buying yoga pants, check whether there is an extra small triangle cloth in the pants because the small triangle cloth can help you to avoid the embarrassment of exposures.


Lululemon was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1988. 

It produces yoga pants with strong covering, durability and high air permeability. 

Even the supermodel Kendal Jenner loved wearing them when going out. It was comfortable and fashionable! 

Its Asia Fit series is very suitable for girls with thin skeletons. 


The new Nike Yoga series uses Nike’s innovative surface fabric: Nike Infineon, which features high elasticity, lightness, breathability, and softness. 

Its design allows girls to stretch freely and comfortably. Besides, there is no need to worry about heat dissipation during exercise. 

It also has the function of self-cultivation and shaping without losing comfort. The series currently includes tops, leggings, and shorts for your choice.

#Lorna Jane

The founder of the brand, Lorna Jane Clarkson has always loved fitness, yoga and health preservation. 

The yoga wears under this brand are very supportive fabric, and the special tailoring can set off a beautiful breast shape and prevent chest compression problems. 

The brand's flagship product is the yoga pants, that are designed with a high elastic fabric which can tighten the belly fat and make the lower abdomen flat.

Cover Photo: IG Of Yoga | IG Of Yoga

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