Everything Is So Expensive! Malaysians Can’t Even Afford Groceries!



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Everything Is So Expensive! Malaysians Can’t Even Afford Groceries!


Nowadays, every day all we hear about is prices rising. Chicken prices, petrol prices, fish prices, vege prices - everything is going up and they don't seem to be coming back down. Malaysians find it harder to live on their basic salaries and are forced to overwork themselves just to be able to put food on the table for their families. 


Things are getting harder and people are looking for a way out of these troubling times. For now, the best solution is to try to spend less on monthly expenses and one of the best ways to do that is buying the store brands that are known to be cheaper but often perceived as not as good as popular brands. 


In reality, these items are just as good in quality and functionality as popular brands. So why spend more when you can spend less on store brands that are very much similar to popular brands. So, here are some of the Giant house brand products that are definitely worth your money:

1. GIANT Super Special Local 10% Rice 10kg

It is guaranteed to taste just like any other rice when cooked but is priced significantly lower than normal rice brands. You can enjoy a few steaming hot spoons of rice with your favourite dishes without worrying about how much each bite of rice costs you.


2. GIANT Rice Vermicelli 400g

There's nothing better than having some delicious fried vermicelli for breakfast or supper time. It is cheap and when combined with some other ingredients, it tastes so delicious, making it every Malaysian's favourite kind of noodle!


3. GIANT Cream Crackers 400g

They taste just as creamy and perfectly crunchy as any other popular cream cracker brand. Imagine dipping it in some milo or coffee for breakfast, yumm perfect and it only costs RM3!


4. GIANT Original Coffee 3 in 1 28 x 20g

With the just right amount of caffeine that will get you through your day, this coffee is rich, creamy and perfectly sweetened! There are 28 sachets so that will last you for at least a month! 


5. GIANT Flavoured Yoghurt Drink Assorted 750g

We all love opening our fridge on a hot sunny day to find a nice cold drink to chug down and Giant's Flavoured Assorted Yoghurt Drink is perfect for that kind of occasion. We recommend the mango-flavoured one that will honestly surprise you that you'll catch yourself pouring more than one glass for yourself in one day. Plus, it costs less than RM3, how mind-blowing is that?!


6. GIANT Dishwashing Liquid Lemon/Lime 3.6L

This Giant house brand dishwashing liquid is truly a GIANT! It is almost 4 litres and I can guarantee you that it will last for at least 2 months or more! 


7. GIANT Laundry Detergent Lavender/Blossom 4.4kg

Just like any other laundry detergent, the GIANT laundry detergent will clean your clothes and leave them smelling fresh and clean. Plus, it is 4.4kg so it will also last you a long time, which is worth it for less than RM12! 


8. GIANT Soft Compact Toilet Rolls 350's

If you want something that does the job and costs less than most well-known brands just get the Giant brand toilet rolls. After all, most of us will be using this to clean up in the toilet, there's no point being choosy about what brand it is. Both are made of the same things and they won't feel any different when you're using them to wipe down. 


9. GIANT Facial Tissue Box 4 x 170's

Just like the toilet rolls, this cost less than popular brands but it gets the job done, so why choose expensive when you can save more? 


10. GIANT Dry Cat Food Assorted 1.2kg

Packed with nutrition for your beloved kitty cat, this GIANT Dry Cat Food is definitely going to be your pet's favourite food! Comes in two delicious flavours - seafood and ocean fish. 



People believe that cheap isn't good but if you try the cheap products you'll realise that they are just as good as the expensive ones and they save you money! 


If you are looking for a life hack to fight the rising prices, buying store-brand products is definitely one of the best hacks. 


For information on Giants house brand products that are worth every penny, click on this link: https://www.giant.com.my/giant-delight/


Stay up to date with the latest promotions and discounts by following Giant on Facebook, so that you can buy your groceries whenever there are offers!

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