WATCH: Indonesian Newlyweds Break Tradition, Choose Coldplay Concert Ticket as Dowry



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WATCH: Indonesian Newlyweds Break Tradition, Choose Coldplay Concert Ticket as Dowry

By Ayunie

Love knows no bounds, and when it comes to celebrating the union of two souls, couples often search for distinctive ways to make their wedding day even more extraordinary. In an enchanting wedding ceremony in Indonesia, one couple took their celebration to new heights by exchanging a remarkable dowry: a ticket to a highly anticipated Coldplay concert. The couple's decision to incorporate their shared love for music into their special day created a truly memorable and meaningful experience.

Traditionally, dowries in Indonesian weddings consist of gifts or monetary offerings from the groom's family to the bride's family as a symbol of respect and appreciation. However, this particular couple decided to infuse their passion for music and their shared admiration for the British band Coldplay into this age-old tradition.

Instead of traditional gifts, the groom presented a ticket to a highly anticipated Coldplay concert as the couple's dowry. This unexpected and extraordinary gesture not only captured the attention of their guests but also created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. The Coldplay concert, known for its captivating performances and emotionally charged music, symbolized the couple's shared dreams and aspirations, making it the perfect gift to mark the beginning of their lifelong journey together.

The decision to choose a Coldplay concert ticket as their dowry showcases the couple's shared love for music and their desire to create lasting memories.  Beyond the unique dowry exchange, this wedding celebration symbolizes the unity and harmony that music can foster. 

This extraordinary wedding in Indonesia, where the couple's dowry was a ticket to a Coldplay concert, serves as a beautiful reminder of the power of shared passions and meaningful gestures. Their unique gesture not only honored tradition but also infused their special day with the magic of music. Not to mention how hard it must have been to secure those tickets!

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