New Scam Tactic Alert: If You Find This Book On The Floor, Do Not Pick It Up!



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New Scam Tactic Alert: If You Find This Book On The Floor, Do Not Pick It Up!

1 Week ago

According to one Facebook user from Johor, Jia Hong, there's a bizarre new scam tactic that has recently been operating around her neighbourhood.

What's their modus operandi? 

Apparently, these irresponsible individuals with travel with one car, driving through random neighbourhoods to distribute this particular book by throwing it over the fences. 

The book, labelled "A Lottery Guide Book Based On Dreams" with the "Lu baca, lu kaya!" slogan on the front cover and two barcodes on the back cover, is disguised to look harmless. That is, until one is gullible enough to actually scan the barcodes. 

Once you do that, the perpetrators will instantly gain access to your bank account and poof! Your money will be gone. So technically, the slogan is a bit deceiving, to say the least.

Jia Hong ends her PSA by advising her Facebook followers not to be misled by the book's seemingly alluding message and NEVER to scan the barcodes provided on the book cover. 

If you do happen to find a similar looking book on your front porch, best to dispose of it immediately. 

Photo credit goes to: Jia Hong 

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