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Taboos & Superstitions of Chinese New Year

By yiyingxx

Chinese New Year is a traditional festival which represents a new beginning and new hope. There's quite a number of taboos and superstitions during Chinese New Year which many people still believed in, in hope that they will have a lucky and prosperous year by avoiding these practices. 

1. No Sweeping.

There's a taboo that you should not sweep the house on the first day of Chinese New Year. This is because sweeping is a bad omen saying 'sweeping away the money and good fortune'. Besides sweeping, pouring water outside and dumping the trash will also mean throwing away the money.  
2. No Negative Words.

Negative words should not be mentioned in daily conversation, especially during Chinese New Year. People believe that all the negative words will become true if they are spoken during Chinese New Year. Some examples are words like death, poverty, pain and losing.    
3. No Breaking of Anything.

Breaking glasses, mirrors or ceramics during Chinese New Year might be a bad omen to cause arguments in family or split of family in future. Thus, people are advised to be extra careful when holding something. If unfortunately, some plates or bowls are broken, people should say 'Sui Sui Ping An'(岁岁平安) which means peace and safe in every year.  
4. No Borrowing.

You should avoid borrowing or lending money during Chinese New Year as it might bring misfortune and economical loss. Asking for the return of debts should be avoided on the first day of Chinese New Year as well.  
5. No Porridge.

Some people believe that eating porridge on the first day of Chinese New Year is bad because they think porridge is a sign of poor and unfortunate life. Thus, they are advised not to begin their new year with porridge as their meal.  
6. No Afternoon Nap.

Some believe that if a person takes afternoon nap, s/he will become lazy in the remaining years. Furthermore, some might believe that people who take nap during Chinese New year could not be awakened by others, and those who wake up afterwards will not have an easy year for them.  

Whether or not you believe in these taboos, we still hope everyone have a great year ahead! 

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