M'sian Horrified After Facebook Kept "Stealing" Her Money And Lost Her Entire Savings. Here's How To Prevent It:



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M'sian Horrified After Facebook Kept "Stealing" Her Money And Lost Her Entire Savings. Here's How To Prevent It:

By Ayunie

A woman was left horrified after most of her savings were continuously deducted from her bank account through Facebook.

According to her, she had less than RM400 in her account before Facebook took her money and she is now left with RM55.52. She added that she had never linked her bank account with the social media platform and was puzzled as to how it was possible.

She posted the occurrence on Facebook, hoping for a clarification. Turns out many other Facebook users have experienced similar fate and this was not an isolated incident. Many victims have come forward in her comments offering solutions. Most urged her to call her bank to cancel the debit card used in these transactions and contact Bank Negara for further assistance.

Others suspected Facebook ads to be one of the culprits, and said that she might have clicked on those ads by accident. One user taught her how to disable autofill payment forms in Facebook settings that will prevent it from happening again in the future.

Go to Facebook settings, then click on browser. Disable both the "Autofill contact forms" and "Autobill payment forms" and you're done. 


These victims reported their money were successfully returned after some time, while some are still waiting for an update.

Were you aware that your Facebook account was capable of doing this? Leave your thoughts in the comment.

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