Top #8 Klang Valley Bakers With The Best Cream Puffs Dessert



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Top #8 Klang Valley Bakers With The Best Cream Puffs Dessert

By storyteller24

Cream puffs are versatile desserts, making them the perfect end to any meal. While their origins are a mystery, the ingredients are simple: butter, flour, eggs, and water. Perhaps this is what makes them adaptable, even though they're not the easiest to make. It takes skill and practice to perfect the exact puffiness desired.

The four-ingredient pastry dough is called choux (pronounced shoe). When this dough puffs, an air bubble forms in the centre, which is then filled with a sweet, creamy filling. While the cream puff archetype is a cream-filled fluffy pastry ball dusted with powdered sugar, the variation of filling and topping flavours on the market now are astounding.

So, cream puff fans, all you have to do now is pick a store to satisfy that dessert itch!

1. Fari & Ali

Samira founded Fari & Ali as a tribute to her late grandparents, Maman Fari and Baba Ali. When she used to visit them in Iran, they'd make trips to the beautiful Tehran bakeries. Samira remembers eating cream puff after cream puff while listening to her grandparents stories. Now that she's perfected the recipe, Samira wants to share these Iranian Cream Puffs (known as Noon Khamei) with all of us!

We've tried them and our verdict is we couldn't put the box down. It was gone in less than 10 minutes, and we regretted not getting more. Their cream puffs are so airy and light, making them addictive. Choose between the classic or the chocolate, or get a mixed box! If you have the opportunity, try their other Iranian desserts.

2. Sugar & I

While you'll be bombarded with Bombolonis on their Instagram, let us assure you that their signature Japanese Cream Puffs are just as bomb! Filled with creamy vanilla bean custard, they'll burst in your mouth, whipping up a dose of much-needed endorphins for you. The only regret you'll have is not ordering more and sharing them with your loved ones.

Visit their retail outlets at SS14 Subang Jaya, Mitsui Lalaport KL, and Mid Valley Megamall. Or you can order online via Beepit!

3. Jaslyn Cakes

This tiny but mighty bakery makes freshly-baked goods daily. Their pastries rarely disappoint when they serve you from their Bangsar and Mont Kiara bakeries, and through online deliveries. Thats also the case with their Classic Cream Choux Puffs! Their airy-on-the-inside and crispy-on-the-outside puffs are filled with lightly whipped vanilla bean cream and available daily.

On some weekends, they have special Rosewater & Strawberry Choux Puffs, only for dine-in and takeaway customers. No delivery available for these unique, once-in-a-while treats. Get them while they last!

4. Dream Puff

Their Instagram bio says, "Selling only the best Choux Au Craquelin!" Their cream puffs come in four flavours: classic vanilla, Oreo, Biscoff, and salted caramel. The cream filling is a mixture of custard and whipped cream – this means that it's light but has depth and is not too sweet. If that's your thing, hurry up and order yourself a box of happiness!

5. Golden Bites

Golden Bites specialises in crafting artisanal Durian pastries! Their Musang King Choux Puffs are filled with 80% durian pulp and 20% fresh cream. You'll be sure to get the most durian-y experience possible in a single cream puff.

But why stop there? If you're thinking fancier, they've recently relaunched their popular Bamboo Charcoal Choux Puffs. They're extravagantly made with certified organic Musang King durian, encased in a bamboo charcoal puff pastry, and dusted in edible gold dust. Talk about elevating the choux puff experience!

For non-durian lovers, fret not; they also have classic dark chocolate, matcha, and vanilla flavours.

6. Misu Misu Patisserie

Choux puffs from this humble bakery in Petaling Jaya are filled with love. Their classic flavours are French Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and Matcha. The dark chocolate puff filling is made from 60% dark chocolate couverture, making the cream not too sweet and with a touch of bitterness.

Misu Misu also makes pre-ordered choux towers for those who need a full-on choux puff fix. Occasionally, this PJ bakery also has special flavours like Durian and Milo. Follow them to see curated celebratory Choux Boxes during festivities like Chinese New Year! Their tarts are a crowd favourite, too definitely give them a try.

7. Perky Pastry

Careful there; even photos of the puffs will induce happiness! If you're looking for a baker that presents you with various flavours, give Perky Pastry a go. They frequently experiment with new and interesting flavours, keeping things exciting. The current ones that have caught out eyes are Dirty Choux, Salted Caramel, and Apple Pie.

8. Universal Bakehouse

Universal Bakehouse is where you should be if you live in the PJ area and need a neighbourhood bakery to get your cream puff fix. Their best-selling Choux Au Craquelin comes in small puffball sizes, sold in pairs. They feel that the small size gives the cream puffs a better cream-to-crust ratio now, isn't that telling of how much careful thought this bakery puts into their baked goods?

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