Choose Value Above All Else - Here Are 12 Signs That You Are Mentally Mature



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Choose Value Above All Else - Here Are 12 Signs That You Are Mentally Mature

By ellephant

Mental maturity doesn't necessarily mean older in age. 

Sometimes, it can simply come from experiences of life. 

What are the signs one is mentally mature?

Here are 12 of them, check it out.  

1. You don't see the need to tell people about everything that is going on in your life.

2. You know how to effectively handle the bad days, without resorting to distractions or excuses. 

3. You put your goals ahead, as well as hard work to make them a reality. 

4. You establish boundaries with people and know to stay away from toxicity. 

5. You make time for those who make time for you. 

6. You don't let things or people get the best of you.  

7. You understand that parents can screw up, but also, they did as much as they could/wanted to. 

8. You make your own decisions and do not seek approval from others. 

9. You read, grow, evolve, develop, unlearn and relearn. 

10. You prioritise your mental health over anything or anyone who makes you feel lost. 

11. You lead a healthy lifestyle; physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

12. You make active changes in your life. 

Do you check 12 out of 12?  

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