Thoughtful Security Guard Provides Students With Free Water Amid Hot Weather in Penang



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Thoughtful Security Guard Provides Students With Free Water Amid Hot Weather in Penang

1 Week ago
By Ayunie

A security guard at a local primary school has been going the extra mile to provide free water to students during the scorching heat, demonstrating his care for their well-being.

Mohamad Azrae Mohd Nazri, 31, along with his colleague Azuan Ahmad, 36, have taken it upon themselves to purchase water containers and plastic cups, using their own funds to offer refreshing plain water.

Mohamad Azrae shared that their initiative arose from a genuine concern for the prevailing weather conditions, which often left students feeling thirsty while waiting for their parents to pick them up.

"While Azuan buys the water containers, I take care of the plastic cups. We simply provide plain water to quench the students' thirst until their parents arrive to take them home," he said.  "We use our personal pocket money to buy mineral water and ice. Our intention is sincere, as we aim to share our blessings and help relieve the students' thirst. This is the best we can do," he expressed when contacted today.
Photo by Harian Metro

Having worked at the school for the past four years since moving to Perlis after getting married, Mohamad Azrae also acknowledged the support of the school administration for their initiative.

"We offer free water only during dismissal time when the weather is hot. There is no pressure on the students to drink; those who wish to can take the water to quench their thirst during the hot weather."

"Alhamdulillah, our fellow colleagues are also willing to assist us in providing water when it's our turn to work the night shift," he added. To his surprise, Mohamad Azrae mentioned that their efforts garnered attention from netizens after he shared a video on TikTok.

He further highlighted that this sharing resulted in additional blessings, as generous individuals came forward to contribute and share their resources. "We acquired an additional water container, bringing the total to 60 plastic cups. Every Friday, we also provide sweet water and a few snacks for the school students," he concluded.

What do you think of this security guard's thoughtful initiative? Comment below. 

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