Android Users, Beware! Scammers Are Capable Of Reading Your TAC Numbers, Here's How To Avoid Becoming A Victim:



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Android Users, Beware! Scammers Are Capable Of Reading Your TAC Numbers, Here's How To Avoid Becoming A Victim:

By Ayunie

If you encounter any online services of any kind while scrolling through social media, be it a cleaning service, a food delivery service, or anything related to it, do conduct a thorough investigation or you might fall victim to yet another scamming tactic that's been going rampant as of late.  

This is how their modus operandi usually works:
1. You'll most likely find their apps on Facebook or other social media offering services
2. Once you contact them, you'll likely be asked to download an app in order to secure an appointment slot.
3. From there, you'll be directed to a payment page. 
4. Once details have been typed in, a payment error will be displayed. By this time, your banking details have already been compromised.
5. Money from your bank account = gone. 

The scamming syndicate has become so severe that Maybank has posted an official urgent announcement regarding the issues, that you can read below:
Source: Maybank 

Maybank warns their customers of such scamming tactics, mostly pretending to be cleaning services and pet stores, to stay vigilant of such activities. As suggested by the Malaysias CyberSecurity Emergency Response Team (MyCERT), the post has included several precautions as a PSA to all Malaysians. You can read more HERE.

Many victims have come forward, including this one, as narrated by Twitter user @chairman_GLC:

Lastly, please exercise EXTRA caution whenever you're asked to key in your private details online, to avoid being a victim of scammers. By the time your money has been extracted from your account, there's a high likelihood you wouldn't be able to retrieve it back. 

Source: LowYat Net

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