I Got A Brazilian Wax For The First Time, Which Included A Vagina Massage And Vulva Mask! Here's My Verdict:



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I Got A Brazilian Wax For The First Time, Which Included A Vagina Massage And Vulva Mask! Here's My Verdict:

1 Week ago
By MJC97

Just the thought of volunteering to get hairs on my body pulled out from their roots sends chills down my spine! But narrow down the target to my vagina and it's a huge NO! That's going to be the most painful experience on earth, after childbirth and period pains of course. 


After years of shaving and avoiding the thoughts of getting waxed, I finally decided to grow some balls (figuratively) and get a Brazilian wax. Well, the main reason for my change of heart was having to shave my vagina every other day, which honestly caused a lot of ingrown hairs over the years and after a while, you reach a point where you're like if there's any other way to get rid of my pubic hair, I'm taking it. 

So, after securing an appointment at Strip Gurney Paragon for not only a Brazilian Wax but also something called a Rosebud Vajuvenation and a Two L(I)PS Blackout Mask, I was surprised by myself. While it all sounded very intimidating to me, I thought that my vagina deserved a self-care day!

On the day of my appointment, I was a huge mess! I was terrified and worried about all the pain that I was going to experience. When I reached the store, I was greeted by 2 friendly staff members who asked me to fill up a form with my personal details and then I was asked to wait in the waiting area. After a few minutes, I was guided into a private room with Joanne, the staff member who will be giving me my treatment on that day. 

Joanne was very cheerful and friendly whereas I was super nervous and awkward. After all, she was the one who will be getting a full view of my private parts and then ripping out all the hair from my vagina, pretty sure that's a good reason to be nervous and awkward. Joanne then informed me that we will be starting with the Brazilian wax, then move on to the Rosebud Vajuvenation and end with the TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask. 

Brazilian Wax
I'm pretty sure Joanne realised how terrified I was so she did her best to calm me down by talking to me and asking me questions about myself and sharing with me a little about herself too. It definitely worked because by the time the wax was heated I was calm and ready to be waxed! 

Before she applied the wax I timidly asked her, "Will this be painful?" and she replied honestly saying that since it was my first time, it would probably hurt but only when she pulls out the hair and only for a few seconds. Who would believe that? I definitely didn't! 

She then proceeded to apply the warm wax to the outer area while checking if the temperature was okay with me. Once the wax hardened she inform me then she was going to pull out the wax and as she counted down, I was expecting myself to blackout in pain when she pulls it off. 

Thankfully Joanne was right! It was only painful for around 5 seconds and then she applied the TWO L(I)PS ICE cream that was cooling and it managed to soothe the pain instantly! The TWO L(I)PS ICE is improved and formulated sulphate and paraben-free, with Sea Algae, Menthol and Liquorice Root extract to soothe inflammation and irritation while keeping skin moisturized, firm and happy.

Rosebud Vajuvenation
Honestly, this was a surprise to me! I have never heard about it and never ever expected it to be so relaxing! 

The main purpose of the Rosebud Vajuvanation is to give your vagina a lifting effect, increased elasticity, and a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It uses high-performance Thermal O 2 Technology, combined with radio frequency, vacuum suction and gentle heat that will help give your vagina a nice facelift by increasing collagen growth to create healthy skin, improve blood circulation and enhance skin hydration.

Joanne used a machine with a suction function to massage my labia, each side was given 10 minutes. It was surprisingly warm and comforting just like a hot stone massage but on your vagina!

After it was done, I noticed the changes immediately. My vagina looked plumper, fewer fine lines were visible and my vagina had a light and rosy pinkish colour. 

I was also informed by Joanna that it normally takes 6 sessions for the vagina to really be sharpened properly, but the changes can be seen through just 1 session. Joanne also informed me that some of her customers told her that the treatment also has a tightening effect! That was indeed pleasing news to me! 

TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask
Another thing that shocked me through this whole experience was this mask! I was and still am in disbelief that a mask for my vagina actually exists! 

It is black in colour with a nice lace design and it was honestly the perfect ending to my experience. Since I was really nervous and worried about the Brazilian wax, this final addition to my treatment that day really helped me calm down and relax. 

Joanne put on the mask for me while informing me that it contained a rich blend of organic botanical ingredients, that help to detoxify, soothe, brighten and hydrate the skin. She put it on and left it on for a few minutes, I don't recall how many minutes it was because I took that time to close my eyes and relax. 

My Verdict
Overall, what started as a nerve-wracking experience turned out to be a very calming and empowering experience.

As a woman who always shaves and then ignores her vagina, it was nice to give it some focus and some love. Normally, we give less care to our vagina in comparison to all our body parts, this experience helps me realise that my vagina deserves some TLC too! 

While I am certain that most people avoid getting waxed because they are worried about the pain, so was I, but I can tell you that the pain only lasts a few seconds! And, after the wax, my vagina look so smooth that all the seconds of pain were worth it!  

The Rosebud Vajuvenation and TWO L(I)PS Blackout Mask was indeed a surprise to me but it did a great job of relaxing and calming me. Women face a lot of stress in our daily lives and it can make us tense, so it is important to find ways to relax and unwind every once in a while. 

As women, we often find it difficult to openly talk about our vagina, even with the women close to us, so we avoid discussing shaving techniques, Brazilian waxes and vagina health. While it is important to know that we shouldn't be ashamed to do so, I completely understand. Hopefully this article will help you figure out if you want to get waxed down there or not! 

To book your own vagina self-care day, visit Strip's website or social media pages as linked below:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Have you ever had a Brazilian wax? Share your experience in the comments section, let's help other women out there who are too afraid to ask or talk about their vagina!

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