HYBE Chairman Talks Declining K-Pop Fandom, BTS Hiatus & Military Service Being The Reasons



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HYBE Chairman Talks Declining K-Pop Fandom, BTS Hiatus & Military Service Being The Reasons

5 Days ago
By DN21

The mastermind behind the global phenomenon BTS and HYBE chairman, Bang Si-Hyuk, recently offered his fair share of perspective when it comes to the K-Pop fandom.

Doubling down on the industry's declining growth, he believed the impact has something to do with the group's hiatus and military service. After all, BTS took the world by storm with chart-topping hits and sold-out shows worldwide. 

Bang spoke about the matter during a forum, where he was quoted:

"The absence of BTS is the first reason .I think it's very clear that the fact BTS is not active as a team is playing the biggest role in bringing about this change in numbers.

BTS are the most prominent K-pop figures globally, the market narrows significantly when BTS is taken out."

ARMYs were shattered following the group's hiatus announcement last year, as each members pursue their solo projects and military enlistment. Oldest member, Jin, was the first to enlist last December. 

BTS is set to reunite on 2025. 

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