【News】Second Phase Of CMCO | What Activities You Can And Can’t Do

Second Phase Of CMCO | What Activities You Can And Can’t Do


The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has come to the second phase today (May 13) and it’s expected to end on 9 June 2020. Entering the second phase, the government too presented some altered rules as compared to the first phase of CMCO.

Sin Chew Daily reported that according to the latest Gazette, Malaysians are allowed to attend funerals, however, the number of attendees must not exceed 20 people.

As of the second phase of CMCO, there must be no more than 3 passengers in a private car (4 people in a car, including the driver). All passengers must be from the same house. On the other hand, taxis or grab must not accept more than 2 passengers per journey.

Photo source: The Star

The Gazette too mentioned that during this phase, Malaysians are still prohibited from participating in any religious or parade activities, regardless of the motive of the activities.

Meanwhile, Malaysians are allowed to gather for Hari Raya celebration, harvest season in Sabah and Sarawak, but must follow the instructions of the MoH.

During the second phase of CMCO, there are 15 activities remained prohibited, which are:

1. Sports, entertainment and leisure activities that involved many people

2. Night clubs and bars (including the restaurant inside)

3. Religious celebrations, cultural and artistic events

4. Business activities that involved gathering

5. Gambling sector

6. Activities in staff hostels and accommodation

7. Fitting areas in cloth stores and cosmetics testing in stores

8. Hair salons and beauty salons

9. Filming movies, TV series, documentaries, and commercials

10. Cruise, tourism and accommodation services under the Tourism Industry Act 1992

11. Installation and maintenance activities that involved gathering

12. Minerals and mining theory examination and application for renewal of explosives

13. Agricultural Industry and Graduation Ceremony

14. Financial and banking services involving the nature of sales in public places

15. Sales economic activities that are not in the store

(Does not include the selling of food, such as food centers, hawker centers, food stalls, dining cars, etc.)

Cover photo: The Star || Tourism Malaysia

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