'Stranger Things' Star Joseph Quinn Was Seen Crying at Comic-Con — Here's Why



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'Stranger Things' Star Joseph Quinn Was Seen Crying at Comic-Con — Here's Why

By storyteller24

Joseph Quinn is the breakout star of Stranger Things season 4, and he plays the character Eddie Munson. Eddie is a D&D-playing musician who's not afraid to stand out. But Joseph definitely did when we went to Comic-Con in July 2022. 

This was not only his first time in attendance, but he also got a lot of attention from dans while he was there and it all came to a head. So, what happened? Is he okay? Well, here's what we know.

What happened to Joseph Quinn at Comic Con?

On July 10, 2022, Joseph attended London Comic-Con and was at a talk where he could interact with the audience. In a clip that has now made its way across Twitter, he ends up crying. 

Off-screen, we can hear someone talking into a mic telling him how nice he was to them when they met the previous day. Although it was hard to hear, this person mentioned that they're grateful that he was so kind to them with everything else that was going on. 

After this person is done talking, you see Joseph dabbing away his tears with his shirt sleeve before saying "why'd you do that, thank you." Then, the person who's hosting the talk moves on to mention how he's loved by so many of the Stranger Things fanbase and this is there the video ends. 

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