English Not Your Best Trait? 10 Ways To Speak The Language With Confidence



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English Not Your Best Trait? 10 Ways To Speak The Language With Confidence

By ellephant

English may not be our nation's or even household's first language, however, it is most definitely a language which is very needed in this day and age. 

We use it almost all the time, and for those who don't speak it as well, managing on the day to day can prove to be rather challenging. 

That being said, we're listing down for you the 10 ways you can speak the language with confidence. 

Check it out. 


1. Listen and repeat

Take time to pause and rewind. Repeat and understand each word, then try and use it when you speak. 

2. Speak to a friend

The best way to master a language is to speak to a friend who already speaks it well. It increases fluency, and confidence. 


3. Read, read, read

The more you read, the more words you learn. Read and grow your vocabulary. 

4. Make mistakes

You may feel embarrassed to make mistakes, don't be. When you slip up, you learn. Then you don't make the same mistakes again. 


5. Pace your speech

Don't be so quick to rush through the conversation. Take time to assess the things you're saying before you say them. 

6. Challenge yourself

Whether it's a reading challenge or a speaking challenge, it may take some time, but eventually you'll get good at it. 


7. Control your speech

Speak louder and don't speak in fragments; an avenue to increase your confidence. 

8. Monitor your pronunciation

Watch the way you pronounce words. Before you say something, subconsciously repeat it in your head first. 


9. Talk to yourself

When you speak to yourself, choose a random topic and frame your sentences. 

10. Attempt thinking in English

Most times, we think using our mother tongue. In order to become more confident try thinking in English. 


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