Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backwards | Things That Help When You Feel Stressed



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Stressed Is Desserts Spelled Backwards | Things That Help When You Feel Stressed

By TypoWithCrystalbelle

Stress has become part of our daily lives regardless of age. Financial stress, education worries, stress from works or health, quarrels from family, or stress from maintaining body weight can be daunting and intimidating for our mental health.

Here are some ways that help when we feel stress.

1. Have A Shower

Simple but effective. Take a cold shower if you wish to wash away your thoughts or a nice, relaxing hot bath if you wish to loosen up your mind.

It definitely will not solve the cause of the stress but it helps to purify your mind and rejuvenate your soul so that you will be ready for the challenge ahead. A “power” shower refreshes our mind and body in a way that is astonishing.

2. Indulge Yourself Into Hobbies

How long has it been since you played the video games that you loved? Painting? Crafting? Reading books? Cooking? Have a quality movie time? Gardening? Play musical instruments? Singing?

Regardless of the hobbies you used to have, you should pull your hair down and let yourself indulge in your immense pleasure. When we indulge in hobbies that we love, we will lose track of time and what’s more, we can rest our mind and be relieved from the complicated, tangled thoughts.

Just focus on one thing at a time. It’s for your mental health and overall well being.

3. Tick Something Off Your To-Do-List

Make a to-do list every morning. When you are stress, just tick something off your to-do-list. The list can have items such as exercising, laundry, preparing lunch, meetings, projects, groceries, etc.

As you tick on the list, you will feel one less burden on your shoulder and one more percent of sense of achievement. It helps to reduce your stress as you notice that you have fewer pending tasks.

4. Have Desserts

Stressed is desserts spelled backward. It is not a coincidence. So when you are stressed, its time to have some desserts!

It might sound hilarious, but nothing can’t be solved with a couple of cookies or a few bites of chocolates. For the girls out there, don’t feel guilty for treating yourself some ice cream!

If having some desserts helps in relieving our tension mind, why not we indulge and enjoy them? It is not a coincidence for the spelling of DESSERTS and STRESSED to be exactly the opposite.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Stress can affect sleep quality and duration. But before that, do you have enough sleep? How much have you been sleeping lately? Does your body crave a soundless sleep but your mind keeps refraining you from doing so?

Insufficient sleep will make you agitated and frustrated over small things easily and increase your stress. Let’s put down your work today and get a good night's sleep to tackle your day’s stress better.

6. Go Outside Into Nature

Don think, just change into a pair of sports shoes, grab a water bottle and go to a park for a walk. Nature is a free and natural stress-relieving remedy. Try to imagine that you are on a beach, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the ocean waves. The perfect ambiance that releases you from anxiety and tension.

Research has proved that nature not only helps us emotionally, as it will reduce our heart rate, muscle tension, and production of stress hormone simultaneously.

7. Call a friend/Loved One

No email, no texting. Pick up the phone and dial to your close one right now. Reaching out to someone you trust is the easiest way to distress. Share your problem with them, pour your heart out with no limits.

We will wish our friends to share their problems with us, so our friends expect the same thing right? Most of the time a reassurance from a friend is what we need to continue our journey.

8. Say NO When You Need To

Are you the good people who always accept things for the way it is or, you never say no to any favor even though you WANTED to?

It is understandable that it is not easy to do. But you got to say no when you are overly stressed and exhausted. Saying no doesn’t necessarily mean you are selfish.

The beauty of saying no is that it allows you to protect yourself and when you look back, you will not wish to have said yes to certain things that are out of your control, and force to decline other things as a result of it.

9. Listen To Yourself

Find a place that plays your favorite soothing music, has the best freshly roasted coffee aroma and warm atmosphere- in a dearest café of your own or maybe in your room.

Close your eyes and listen to the environment, and then, listen to your inner dialogue. What is your heart trying to tell you? Instead of keep asking yourself what is the right decision, perhaps you can ask what is the BEST decision for you?

Always remind your inner voice to be kind, to the plants, animals, homeless, colleagues, waiter, friends, family, and most importantly, you. 

Cover Photo: sandrapawula || sunnybloominspiration

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