PCR Kit| Stop Repeating Test If Already Positive!



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PCR Kit| Stop Repeating Test If Already Positive!

By m7py

A Malaysian medical lab scientist is advising everyone to not repeat the RT-PCR test, if it is already found to be positive. 


Posting on TikTok, Pak Cik Bakar Baharom explains that PCR tests are meant to find any viruses' genetic material (RNA) in your body. 


Therefore, the result of your test kit will remain positive regardless of how many times you do it. Watch his full explanation here

@dodosentoso Jangan noya buat PCR byk byk kali lepas dah positive recently. Ingat ni sampaii mati. Tolong mdno share info ni boleh.?? #covid19 #rtpcr #medicallabscientist #fyp original sound - Pak Cik Bakar Baharo

For some, the tests will continue to indicate positive for up to 3 months. So, your best action is to immediately quarantine yourself if you were tested positive. 

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