“Is it Chicken or Tire?” Customer Disappointed for Getting Reheated Chicken



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“Is it Chicken or Tire?” Customer Disappointed for Getting Reheated Chicken

By Pineapplesz

This calls out to those who are in the food manufacturing business. Food quality should be prioritized because consumers of food are vulnerable to any contamination that happens throughout the manufacturing process. However, that is not what went down. Last Tuesday, a well-known fast food restaurant served one of their customers a chicken dish with a rubbery texture. 

Based on the video posted, this customer ordered a chicken burger but when taken a closer look at the chicken patty, the meat looked rubbery and quite tough to eat. It was believed that the chicken was reheated a number of times and then served to the customer.

"First and foremost, what is this? Is this what you call food, the quality is the same as a tire. It looks like the chicken has been reheated a lot of times, I don't know. I thought the food was cooked fresh," he said furiously. Luckily nobody had encountered food poisoning.

On Wednesday, the fast food restaurant had contacted the customer personally and even replied to the tweet post that the customer made. They had expressed their deepest apologies upon the unpleasant experience this customer had.

The fast food restaurant further apologized and highlighted that the quality of their products and the satisfaction of customers is of utmost importance to them.

Has this ever happened to you guys before? Comment below your experiences if you have any.

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