We Can't Control Everything in Life, But Here are 6 Things We Can & Should Control



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We Can't Control Everything in Life, But Here are 6 Things We Can & Should Control

By ellephant

Life hardly ever goes the way we want it to and more than that, we can't control the things we don't want to happen, when it doesn't. 

It just how it is, BUT there are things that we can actually take the reigns of, and instead of staring too long at closed doors, we're here to ask you to stay focused on all the things you CAN control. 

We came across 6 things you'd be able to lead in the RIGHT direction, and here they are. 


1. How to treat yourself and your body

You can control what you decide to put yourself through, choose wisely. 

2. How you express yourself

You may not be able to control what or who happens, but you can control how you react toward them and how you open yourself up to the world. 


3. Where you give your time, energy and attention

Having the choice on what you invest in is ultimate freedom. Don't stick around for that which does not benefit you. 

4. How you speak and treat others

You cannot control how others treat you, but you can always decide to be the bestest version of you. 


5. What you consume

Whether it's energy, content, or food, you decide what you let in. 

6. What you do

How you spend your days on Earth is dependent on you and you alone. 


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