How A Good Shower System Will Give You Extra Levels Of Comfort At Home



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How A Good Shower System Will Give You Extra Levels Of Comfort At Home


After a long day at work, the best thing a person could ask for is a nice, long shower that will help you forget all the stress of the day and relax. A nice good hot shower will stimulate the brain to release the oxytocin hormone which is correlated to anti-stress effects and relaxation. 

The quality of the shower strongly depends on the showerhead and water pressure. Showering with a shower system that has low water pressure will definitely have you leaving the bathroom even more stressed than before.  

For the ultimate shower experience, the best kind of showerhead is the rainshower. With a consistent amount of water gently pouring down your body, you are bound to be relaxed in no time!

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why upgrading your shower system to a rainshower will be able to make your showering experience better:

1. Relaxing

The rainshower gives you a shower-in-the-rain experience with a constant, gentle and smooth flow of water pouring down on you from head to toe, it's magical! The constant, gentle flow of water can also soothe your muscles and calm your spirits, leaving you totally zenned-out.  

2. Better "coverage" compared to the pail

The rainshower can saturate your body with water effectively and evenly compared to small showerheads and pails that we Malaysians are more familiar with. Since the size of the showerhead is almost as wide as your body, you won't have to worry about some parts not being exposed to water.  

3. Save water & time

With good coverage, you'll spend less time in the shower which means less water is wasted and you can save more on your bills! 


4. Extra fun shower karaoke sessions

The rainshower will definitely add a more dramatic effect to your shower karaoke experience especially when you're belting some Adele tunes. Just imagine singing "Set Fire To The Rain" under a rainshower with your shampoo bottle as a microphone, as you hear the imaginary sounds of your imaginary fans screaming in awe.  

5. Allows multitasking

With a rainshower, you won't have to hold the shower handle, so you can do other stuff while also showering. Running late for work and need to brush your teeth and shower at the same time, no problem! Need to post a TikTok video after your shower but you still can't nail the dance moves? Practice in the shower, there's nothing holding you back!  

[Panasonic Rainshowers]

After a long day of hustling at work, you deserve to have a luxurious and calming shower. The Panasonic Rainshower gives you all that and more: 


1. Luxury Shower Experience (Rainshower Head)

The all-new rainshowers have a sleek and modern design with a Large LCD Panel Display so that you can have a luxurious shower in your own bathroom!


2. Health & Comfort

Too short or too tall? No worries at all, the rainshower can be easily adjustable according to your height and preferences. Besides that, the shower also comes with e-Cycle massage technology to ensure that you feel more relaxed and comfortable after your shower.

3. 9 Safety Points (no need technical just feel peace of mind with safety feature) 

With Panasonic's 9 safety points for anti-skin burn (with auto temperature), electric shock prevention, fire prevention, you don't have to worry about the technical side of things, just enjoy the peace of mind that your safety is taken care of.

For more info on Panasonic's rainshowers, click on the links below:

+ Panasonic DH-3NDP1MSR Home Shower:

+ Panasonic DH-3NP2MSR Home Shower:

To get your very own rainshower for relaxing showers every day, click on the links below:

Panasonic DH-3NDP1MSR Home Shower:



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Panasonic DH-3NP2MSR Home Shower



 *0% interest rate instalment available for purchases on Lazada

Happy Showering! 

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