Hectic Life Hack | The Time-Saving Tips To Ensure Your Meat And Veggies Stay Fresh In The Fridge:



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Hectic Life Hack | The Time-Saving Tips To Ensure Your Meat And Veggies Stay Fresh In The Fridge:


Whether you're a busy mom, a gym rat, or an overall health enthusiast, getting fresh groceries will always be the highlight of your hectic day. That being said, getting your fresh produce to last for as long as possible is always quite a challenge. 


For those who don't have the luxury of growing your own fresh produce garden in your backyard, you'd know all too well the hassle of buying fresh fruits and vegetables and rushing to finish them all before they go bad. If you're lucky, they could last at most, three days. The same goes for fresh meat store them long enough and they'll start to lose their freshness. 

This, coupled with a hectic lifestyle, it'd seem impossible to prepare your own healthy meals at home. Whether you are a working adult, a supermom, or all in all a health enthusiast, we all would wish for a time-saving trick that would save us from spending hours in the kitchen. The hack? Perhaps it's time to get yourself a better fridge!

# INTRODUCING: PANASONIC 4-Door Inverter Refrigerator 



Attractive Features:

• Two-layer vegetable case

• Jumbo Freezer

• LED Lighting

• Quick Freezing 

# PANASONIC 2-door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator



Attractive Features:

• Electrostatic Touch Control Panel 

• Surround Cooling Air Flow

• 150KG Tempered Glass Shelves

• Quick Freezing 

Forgetting to defrost our fresh meat before cooking is a habit that happens to the best of us but it does become quite a problem especially if you lead a rather hectic lifestyle and would rather not spend half of your day just cooking when you could be doing a million other things on your To-Do list. This is where Prime Fresh+ technology comes in place to help us in our life. 

• Prime Fresh+ Technology

These Panasonic refrigerators come with Prime Fresh+ Technology that'll ensure up to 7 days of freshness for your fresh fish and meat. It keeps your fresh meat softly frozen so all the nutrients and freshness can be retained for a longer period of time. How does it work, you ask? Prime Fresh+ Technology uses an approximately -3°C airflow to keep everything frozen just enough that it stays fresh for a long period of time. 


The best thing about them? It makes for much easier and faster food preparation as their soft freeze technology (which freezes four times faster!) won't require you to wait too long for your fresh fish and meat to defrost. In other words, no defrosting is ever needed!

Convenient, we must say, especially if your tight schedule doesn't allow for too much extra time in the kitchen. 

To activate this feature, simply select the Prime Fresh+ mode and you're good to go. 



In today's climate, reducing energy consumption as best as we can is a huge favor to mother earth, and when it comes to our day-to-day life, decreasing energy demands brings so many benefits. 

• Energy Saving ECONAVI

For this purpose, these Panasonic fridges contain four kinds of ECONAVI sensors that monitor daily refrigerator usage. What is ECONAVI? It refers to intelligent sensors able to detect unconscious waste of energy. Electrical home appliances typically run at a constant temperature setting and so this is where ECONAVI comes in handy-- it efficiently detects and reduces this waste in all the right ways.

The Inverter compressor, for example, optimizes cooling performance to reduce energy consumption. This particular Inverter uses up to 40% less energy while ECONAVI ensures up to 10% less energy.


One of the most common setbacks about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the time constraint. In the era of food delivery services and the general appeal of not having to exert extra effort into cooking after a long hectic day, its dangerously easy to fall into the habit of choosing takeaways over healthy meals. 

With these Panasonic refrigerators, that problem is simply taken care of. No more worrying over having to spend too long defrosting your meat or panic-eating all your vegetables before they go bad, as it ensures your fresh produce stays fresh and manageable at all times. 


It doesn't matter whether you're cooking for one or a big family, freshness of ingredients should always be the priority. Secondly, no one simply has the time and patience to spend more than a few hours in the kitchen and these Panasonic refrigerators ensure you'll never do with their soft freeze technology and other cool features you just cannot miss! 

Head on to the nearest Panasonic store now and experience the magic for yourself! Do check out the for the latest updates or if you simply wish to browse around virtually:

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Don't forget to check them out!

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