The Perfect Fried Egg Does Exist! 5 Ways To Get It Right



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The Perfect Fried Egg Does Exist! 5 Ways To Get It Right

By DN21

Honestly, any recipes with eggs are equally eggs-quisite (wink). Okay pun aside, but don't you just love eggs? Apart from being nutritious and fulfilling, they're pretty versatile and can be cooked numerous ways. 

Fried egg, for example, calls for the perfect day and night comfort food! And don't worry, we won't judge you based on your egg consumption.  
For the foodies who love the above method, how do you perfect one? Sure it may look simple, but an eggs-quisite (again) fried egg can taste even better if you try these methods:

1- A cold egg is a no-no

You may wonder: Why bother refrigerating eggs in the first place, when it's advisable to cook at room temperature? 

Here's the thing- a cold egg often results in uneven frying, which leaves the yolk to overcook whilst the white tries to set.

2- Which oil is the best?  
Sure, butter has that fatty flavour that just takes it up a notch. Unfortunately, it's saturated.

Instead, opt for coconut or olive oil. Not only are they good for your health, but they also have a high smoke point which can crisp up those eggs. 

3- Low and slow

Frying your eggs on a low to medium heat ensures crispy edges and evenly cooked whole. In contrast, an overly hot pan can end up ruining your eggs as the yolk overcooks, whereas the white becomes rubbery. 

4- Duration

Different duration calls for different results!

For those who love their eggs on a runnier side: 1-2 minutes without flipping

Over-easy: 1 minute on one side. The other, 30 seconds

Over-medium: 1 minute on each side

Over-hard: 2 minutes on each side

5- Salt it  
Feeling extra? How about adding a pinch of the Himalayan pink salt for a more textured finish. Life's too short not to be extra with your food! 

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